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Evil Never Looked So Good

Diary of a Vicious Bitch

Lilah Morgan
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From The Internal Files of Wolfram and Hart

Employee Name: Morgan, Lilah

Date of Bith: April 13, 1969

Date of Death: February 2003, murdered by Chase, Cordelia.
Postmortem decapitation by Wyndam-Pryce, Wesley.

Marital Status: Single; currently recovering from unfortunate relationship of unknown status with Wyndam-Pryce, Wesley (June 2002--January 2003)

Current Status: On a postmortem contract with Wolfram and Hart.

Place of Birth: Lincoln, NE

Height: 5'9" (69 inches)

Eyes: Blue

Hair: Brown

Education: Mortenson University, JD (1991-1994;
law review 1992-1994). UC Berkley undergraduate degree.

Residence: Los Angeles, California.

Position: Post-mortem contractee, Wolfram and Hart.

Family: Mother (senile dementia, in assisted living)

Vehicle: Mercedes-Benz convertible (silver)

Favorite Color: Green

Favorite Gemstone: Diamond

Favorite Beverage: Single-Malt Scotch, though not entirely unfond of martinis or wine

Known Likes: Fashion, Chanel, shoes, money, good sex, red lingerie, demon fight clubs, gambling, celebrities, Wesley Wyndam-Pryce, "pretty things"

Known Dislikes: Fred Burkle, vampires, Gavin Park, parking garages, serving coffee, the Beast, losing, Angel, Holtz, Sahjean, Beast-bone knives, getting beat up by underlings, evisceration.

Phobias: Dog food, San Pedro, wine cellars, Cordelia, evisceration

Current Games:
time_changes: Alternate-Universe // 16 years post Calvary. I was never killed by Cordelia, Wesley and the others showed up in enough time to save me. Although down the line, my life changed even more drastically. I became pregnant with a little girl. Years later, Wesley and I are married and rasing our 16 year old telekinetic daughter, Samantha. Things aren't all cake and pie though, I'm still working my way up the ladder at Wolfram and Hart, with all the evil errands that entails; and Wesley is still fighting the good fight along with Angel. And Sam is just trying to stay neutral.

xalmostlovex: Alternate-Universe // Directly after Dead End. The Senior Partners are furious at Lindsey McDonanld's descion to leave the firm, and not at all happy with me as a subsitute. So I was given the job of searching Lindsey out and convincing him to come home to Wolfram and Hart. I also got an ultimatium, either come back with him in tow, or don't come back at all. Well, no one ever said evil was easy. So I managed to track McDondald down in Oklahoma, and as it becomes increasingly clear that Lindsey is not going to return, I'm left wondering what the hell I'm going to do with my own life now.


*Information for the biography was taken from Notorious, and edited for my own purposes.