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xalmostlovex :: The Morning After

I woke up the following morning, warm and comfortable with the blankets pulled up tightly around me. Without opening my eyes, I let out a sigh of relief. It had all been some horrendous nightmare, and when I opened my eyes I was going to be back in my apartment with all my pretty things.

...then the blinding headache kicked in and my eyes flew open. Any hope of denial was thrown right out the rustic bedroom window overlooking Tulsa. God damnit. Putting my fingers to my temples to try and ease the pounding behind my skull, I swung my legs to the floor and stood up. Three large black pieces of luggage stood in the corner of the room. Blinking in the sunlight, I walked over to them and saw a note from my assistant. She had sent a selection of everything, and if there was anything else I needed, to simply call her. I smiled a little at this. I have no idea how the woman got these into my room in the middle of the night, but she was damned near perfect. There was a reason she had been the only assistant I'd been able to keep longer than a week in three years. I pulled one of the bags to the bed and opened it. I breathed in the scent of all my pretty clothes and somehow felt a little better.

Somteime later, I emerged from the bathroom. I was still massively hungover, but I was dressed in a black three-quarter sleeved shirt and one of the few pairs of jeans I actually owned. Something about denim never settled right with me, but I was in Oklahoma, and when in Rome....

My hair fell around my shoulders as I walked barefooted down the hallway toward the kitchen. I needed some water, aspirin, and some serious hangover food.

Paging Professor Morgan :: sunnydalexhigh

Ubi Panis Ibi Patria
Where there is bread, there is one's fatherland.

I repeated Virgil's words to myself as I unpacked my things at the large wooden desk in a classroom that was assigned to be mine.

Here I was, a lawyer from Wolfram and Hart, stuck teaching a literature class at Sunnydale High School.

I came under protest of course. But when Holland Manners wants something, he usually gets it. And unfortunately for yours truly, what he wants right now is someone undercover in Sunnydale to watch over Angelus.

While deciphering some prophecies, we came across mentions of a vampire with a soul playing a major role in the apocalypse. And since that is the senior partner's modus operandi, Manners started to seek out this vampire. I was the first one to discover the gypsy curse and Angelus.

Of course no one knows that though, because certain golden boys had to sneak into my office, break into my files, and presented them to Manners before I could get to him. So Lindsey mcdonald got the raise and the lush new office, while I got sophomore detail in Sunnyhell.

I finished putting my things away and let out a sigh of discontent, as I picked up a stick of chalk and began to write on the black board.

Ms Morgan
World Literature

Students began to filter in, and I suppressed the urge to grimace at their bright and eager little faces. Couldn't Manners have found me a job at some local law firm? I could watch over Angelus just as easily from there. Why did it have to be here? Why?

The bell rang then, sealing my fate.


My head felt heavy the next morning when I woke up. I lay on my satin sheets and watched my ceiling fan turn in lazy circles. As I lay, I went over the events of last night as if reviewing a case file. Trying to figure out what exactly it was that had made Wesley run.

I was not accustomed to men turning away my physical advances and it perturbed me that Wesley had jumped up and left the room last night. Of course I hadn't really given him much of a chance to explain himself. That was all the Morgan Pride. The second he was gone I grabbed my things and couldn't get out of there fast enough.

I had spent most of the night with a glass of wine out on my balcony, hoping to forget about him. Although the more I tried to forget about him, the more I thought of him. How I had gone from merely keeping track of him for the sake of Wolfram and Hart, to taking an interest in the man, to what I wouldn't let myself admit was love a certain fondness for him.

Eventually raising myself from bed, I contemplated my life as I dressed. A year ago I was at the top of my game, in league with Lindsey McDonald for a prime position within the law firm. Respected, and more importantly, feared by my colleges. Now look at me. Scrambling for any approval from the senior partners. Being outmaneuvered by Gavin Park and increasingly drawn to the enemy. Where had I gone awry?

It was Sunday. Having no friends, and no where to be, I took my briefcase and began working in my office. There was only one way I could make it back up to the top. Hard Work.

Beyond Buffy:

So I'm back.

Much as I loved that hell dimension I was in, I must say that the lighting here is much better for my skin tone.

My employers decided to summon me back to offer Wolfram & Hart up to Angel and his little band of do-gooders. Worked out well enough. Angel took the deal on the condition that we give his whiny little son a new life. Some strings were pulled, but the job got done. Now the boss is a big broody vampire. Whoever said that Wolfram & Hart didn't have a sense of humor?

The senior partners were going to throw back into the lion's den, but something abruptly changed their minds. I have the slight suspicion that Mr. Wyndam Pryce might have argued in my favor. Always the hero, My Wes that Wesley.

Although, now that I am back, I have to deal with my quote replacement unquote. Little Lilah Jr. running around like she owns the place. There are going to be some issues there.

To top everything else off, Angel invited his slayer and her own haggard group of followers here. and they are using our facilities to train those little slayer-wannabes. Just thinking about all the raging hormones and high pitched voices that are going to be running a muck in the basement, is already giving me a headache.

In the meantime, I'm going shopping. I need some new scarves.

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